Piassa Ethiopian Bar and Restaurant

83 Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 5AQ

About Us

Launched in 2016, and named after Piassa; a place at the very heart of Ethiopia’s capital, known for its food, drink, vibrant nightlife and culture. Piassa Bar and Restaurant aims to bring the experience of authentic traditional Ethiopian cuisine to the people of Leeds. Our menu features Ethiopian cuisine incorporating vegan, vegetarian, meat and poultry dishes. We strive to serve our customers to experience authentic Ethiopian dishes cooked with traditional Ethiopian spices. We are best known for our delicious vegan dish called beyaynetu/በየአይነቱ, you will also enjoy our Ethiopian coffee ceremony which is a cultural ritual of roasting, steeping and drinking Ethiopian coffee.   Come and dine with us to get a taste of Ethiopian cuisine!

From Our Menu

Foods and Drinks

  • £15.00

    Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

    Traditional Ethiopian Coffee ceremony.

  • £14.00

    Special Kitfo

    Lean prime beef, finely chopped, seasoned with Ethiopian butter and bird’s eye chili served with cottage cheese, cooked to rear medium.

  • £11.95


    A combination of minced beef and tripe cooked with onion, green chili and Ethiopian butter.

  • £1.00


  • kikil kikil


    Small tender lamb pieces and lamb ribs cooked with onion, garlic, turmeric and a mixture of Ethiopian spices. Served delicately mixed with Injera

  • £4.90

    1664 Kronenrourg Pint

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What Our Customers Say


Great food, great service, great atmosphere! One of the best Ethiopian restaurants I have ever visited

Hanna Tafesse


So so so good. First of all just such very nice staff. The would just bend over backwards to help you and honestly it’s just a little bit refreshing to see. The food is incredible. Probably better than Ethiopian restaurants I’ve been to in San Francisco and Barcelona. Take that for what you will. The staff are so excited incredibly lovely we were the only tourists in the place so it seems like a real legit place. I would definitely come back

Richey Ryan


I’ve eaten Ethiopian food all over the world, but this one is close to the best ones in Ethiopia! Super!!!!

Terrie Hessels


I recommend anyone to visit piassa restaurant which is located in Leeds. You will be served great Ethiopian foods with amazing service from the staff . The food is tasty and delicious.really reasonable price.

Nebu Asgedom